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You will receive 16 more websites and information how to make $100 a day by running multiple automated sites. The same method I use for the last few months to make $200 per day on autopilot. You can do the same even if you are a newbie.


You have 3 options:


Option 1:

Buy an established site.
Pros: Immediate cash flow. Start-up work has already been done.
Cons: Expensive and risky.
Good option if you have a lot of money to invest, have some experience and don’t mind the risk and time to maintain it. Not recommended for a beginner.

Option 2:

Buy a new site, non-automated with unique content.
Pros: Inexpensive. Good option if you know what you are doing.
Cons: You have to create content (or spend money to hire people to create content), requires some experience, time and work to maintain it. It’s not easy with a lot of competition on search engines. A lot of learning time to make good profit.

Option 3:

Buy a new site, automated, with non-unique content.
Pros: Inexpensive, runs automatically, no need to create your own content, maintenance free. Easy for beginners because the site runs and updates itself.
Cons: Non unique content resulting in lower search engine ranking. Not easy to make good money from just one site if you want to keep it automated.
The method I use is the option 3. The trick is to have a larger number of these automated sites for different niches, each making a small profit that adds up to a larger amount.

How many automated sites is needed to make $100 per day?

From my experience, it can be done with 16 sites. Each site needs to generate only $5 per day. To make $5 per day from one site doesn’t require a lot of traffic. To make this amount some sites need only 3 ad clicks, average 20 – 50 visitors.

I do it with 100 sites, each making me an average $2 per day. Some making less than $1 , some $5 or more per day. The difference is that I spread the traffic I generate over large number of sites. If the same traffic was directed to 20 sites, I would probably make $10 per site per day. The reason I use 100 sites and not 16 is because each site gets more valuable with time and can be sold later for good profit, with 100 sites I can make more money when I decide to sell them.

You can do fine even with 16 sites.

From the 100 niche sites that make the most profit I compiled a list of top 16, and that’s what I’m offering on this auction. 16 websites, proven money makers, each can generate $5 per day for you with little work, that will add up to a larger amount of $80 per day.
To make $80 per day from only one site is much more difficult, and consumes more time. I believe making small amounts of profit from larger number of sites is the easiest way to make money online.

In fact I was making $900 per month from my 100 sites with zero work, each site made about only 30 cents per day, from accidental visitors.

How difficult is it to make $5 from one site?

With properly setup site and quality traffic, it can take 20 – 50 visitors to make $1 – $5 just from ad clicks (not counting sign ups or product/service sales). For example on my new movie trailers site, I received only 20 visitors and one ad click, that one ad click made $1.52. It takes 3 ad clicks to make $4.50.

On my dating site, I received only 1 sign up in 10 days from only 60 visitors (6 visitors per day), I got paid $50 commission, that converts to $5 per day for 10 days, just from 60 visitors.

On my golf site I received 104 page views, only 9 clicks, it made $12.62. That’s from only 104 visitors that day, only 9 ad clicks. $6 from 52 visitors. I get similar results with my other sites.

These small numbers are easy to achieve even by a newbie. Most newbies can do it easily with their sites, but because they run only 1 or 2 sites, the profit is too low and they give up. It makes no sense with only one or 2 sites. But with 16 sites it starts to add up to a good amount. Or with 100 sites like I do, it adds up to $6,000 per month. With an average only 50 visitors per day per site.

Even if your 16 sites make only $2 per site, that’s $32 per day, almost no work. $960 per month. You don’t have to be a pro with experience to make only $2 per day from one site, it doesn’t even need high search ranking.

Or you can do it as I do with 100 sites (you will need to make only $1 per site per day to make $100 per day). I can help you with setting up more sites. It’s easy to run that many sites because all are 100% automated and don’t require any maintenance. Running 100 automated sites is easier and less time consuming than running 1 non automated site.

What you need are properly setup sites, time tested and proven to monetize, and information how to generate traffic without search engines (with time you will get some traffic from search engines, but there are better ways).

That’s basically what I’m offering on this auction.

16 websites I will set up for you:




























All the sites are 100% automated, no maintenance work needed. The sites run by themselves with automated scripts, self-updating, powered by wordpress. All attractive designs, responsive, latest programing.


The only cost you will have to run the 16 sites is hosting, about $5.95 per month for all (30 cents per site). Also you will need to register your own domain names for the sites, only $0.88 cents per domain with extensions like .top, .club, .site or other new extensions, your cost for 16 domains will be about $16 total. Or you can use .com extensions, it will cost more to register .com domains. It’s up to you.

There are no other expenses if you use my methods to generate traffic with the information I will provide.

By winning this auction, you will receive all the tools and information you will need to make money online with more than one method, you don’t need any new skills or experience to do that. If this doesn’t make you money, probably nothing will.

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